Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Jail in Ghost Town

This weeks post features the newly rebuilt Jail behind Goldie’s place on Main Street. The old jail was completely torn down and a new one was rebuilt in it’s place. The original Jail was still there on Father’s day of this year but when I went back by there two months later on 8/21/08 the new jail was standing in it’s place. That’s how fast these things happen. Not only has the jail been rebuilt but I am pretty sure that the guy inside is not the same “Sad Eyed Joe” that was in the original. They have also removed Sad Eyed Joe’s Fanmail (see photo) and it does not look like they plan to replace it. It’s a shame because it was little details like these that gave ghost town so much charm. I will miss this as much as the ghost Town Bulletin board that used to be over by the Miner’s Bank. Also gone is the staircase that used to be attached to the side of Goldie’s Joint.

One part of me is certainly glad that they rebuilt the Jail instead of just removing it altogether but the nostalgic part of me laments another piece of ghost town being replaced with a replica.

The old jail the last time I saw it on Father’s day 2008. As this photo shows it was slipping into a state of disrepair.

The new Jail decorated for Halloween.

Sad Eyed Joe’s Fanmail

A view looking from the jail back out to Main Street showing the staircase that was removed from the side of Goldie’s Joint.

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dregerClock said...
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Let's Talk Knott's said...

I couldn't agree with you more "dregerclock" I would jump at the opportunity to provide a new home to one of these treasures that are most likely put in a trash dumspter. Knott's needs a historical preservation society or something. said...
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Anonymous said...

Wonder why they tore the old jail out . . . did they think it was looking too old and run down for a ghost town?