Thursday, June 25, 2009

Farm Report - Father's Day 2009

I went out to the farm for father’s day last weekend and decided that an updated post was in order. They have restored some more details on the peek-ins since my last visit. The Barber shop now has a pole and lettering on the window and more artifacts have been returned to the interior of the Silver Dollar Saloon (Oops! I mean shooting gallery).

Due to the graciousness of the lady working in the little weaver’s cottage I was able to get some interior shots of the little house featured in my last post. They are not the best photos but I felt they were worth posting.
A blurry shot looking in the door from the front porch

The kitchen sink

The Old Stove

It appears that this little end of the house is actually the kitchen which leads me to believe that the gun shop behind it is also part of the original house. After I have all of my facts and photos assembled I will make a full post on this charming little building which is currently my favorite
little corner of ghost town.
The Maintenance door to the Log Ride. I thought it looked photogenic that day.

Calico Mine Co. Engine #4

And finally what I think is a pretty neat picture of the Cavern Room of the Mine Train. It is so hard to get photos inside this ride that I was quite happy to get this one.
Well that's all for now, Take care and Thanks for Readin'