Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Main Street Update

I finally made it out to the farm Tuesday evening so I wanted to post an update on the progress of the peek-ins. The walls are still up, but they look to be about ½ way done rebuilding at this point. They have completely rebuilt the framing with new lumber and have begun the work on
the facades.

It looks like the original windows are going back into Hop wing Lee’s laundry and it also looks like they are using the original door and window for the Assay Office. The Barber Shop is still just a frame at this point but hopefully they will follow suit and use the original trim pieces as well.

It appears the Silver Dollar Saloon will be returning as a shooting gallery judging by the design of the framing. You can see the decorative steel grille that used to be above the bar in the background. I wonder if this will be a shooting gallery with the old Saloon as the theming. Hopefully they won't put the green targets back in that made it look like a game from "The Price is Right"

It looks like they are doing a good job and trying to recreate things accurately. Time will tell if the interiors are done with as much care. I was happy to see that they retained and will be reusing parts of the original peek-ins. I am anxious to see the finished product.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Barrel House

Many people know of the "Bottle House" at Knott's which is an example of how creativity was used to build shelter when conventional materials were hard to come by. There is another example of this creative building approach near the mine head in front of Boothill. The "Barrel House" walls are made from, you guessed it, barrels. This structure is a Knott's original (not refurbished) and one of the sights I make a point to see when I visit the park. There used to be another house made from creative materials (freight boxes) right next door to the barrel house but unfortunately it was removed to make room for the relocated gold panning attraction.

The prospector realxes inside his Barrel House

The Barrel House is located just behind the "Lucky Cuss" mine head and in front of the graveyard at Boothill over on School Road. You have probably heard the warning to beware of "hitchhiking ghosts" but what about jogging ghosts?

That's it for today. I am planning to head to the farm tomorrow (weather permitting) and hope to have an update on the Main Street peek-ins posted by the end of the weekend.

Take care for now, and Thanks for Readin'