Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's post features a postcard that I won recently on E-bay. It is a Buena Park post card that features our favorite farm but from an interesting angle focusing more on the Independence Hall side of the street with the farm itself in the background. This must be sometime in the early 90's, Boomerang is visible which means that the Corkscrew is already gone. Ghost Rider has yet to stomp it's foot down in the marketplace and it doesn't look like Jagaur has invaded Fiesta Village yet.

Zooming in we can see the clearing where Jungle Island used to be across the lagoon behind Indepence Hall.

I was surprised to see this barn in the photo. I am pretty sure this was the building for Henry's Auto Livery. I am also pretty sure that it is no longer there.

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Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Farm Report Aug 29th, 2009

It was a capacity crowd for Jay Jennings’ book signing this past Saturday. I had the pleasure of meeting him and having him sign my book. It was an excellent turn-out and apparently all of the books sold out. Good to see that there is a strong market for the good ole’ days of Knott’s Berry Farm. Hopefully Cedar Fair took note. See Jay’s website for a recap of the event.

Since I was at the farm I ventured into Ghost Town for a few pictures. I thought that Ghost Town was looking pretty good. There have been some more details added/replaced in the peek-ins since my last visit. Other repairs and details added around town showed what I interpreted as a sincere effort to keep things in good shape. Granted much of it is probably in anticipation of the coming Halloween Haunt, as the photos below will show, but it is still nice to see things looking good.

This guy is hanging around waiting for October to come.

One of the details that has been replaced/added in Ghost Town. is this reproduction of the Hangman's Tree sign. I haven't done a side by side comparison but I think it looks pretty true to the original.

Despite the recession Hop Wing Lee seems to be doing well. The laundry hangin above his store being evidence. There was no laundry hanging as of my last visit so this was another added detail that I noted.

It looks like they have put the original Silver Dollar sign back on the Saloon, oops I mean Shootin Gallery : (

This sign now hangs above the Silver Dollar. They are trying.....right?

The little house was all closed up this time.

Off in the corner is the Boothill undertaker. I love the Pepper's Ghost effect inside (when it is working).

Last stop for today the Birdcage Theatre. Note the ghost on the roof holding a birdcage.