Monday, September 21, 2009

Today's post features a postcard that I won recently on E-bay. It is a Buena Park post card that features our favorite farm but from an interesting angle focusing more on the Independence Hall side of the street with the farm itself in the background. This must be sometime in the early 90's, Boomerang is visible which means that the Corkscrew is already gone. Ghost Rider has yet to stomp it's foot down in the marketplace and it doesn't look like Jagaur has invaded Fiesta Village yet.

Zooming in we can see the clearing where Jungle Island used to be across the lagoon behind Indepence Hall.

I was surprised to see this barn in the photo. I am pretty sure this was the building for Henry's Auto Livery. I am also pretty sure that it is no longer there.

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Chris Merritt said...

Neat shots! I wish Independence Hall still looked like that... You are right - probably this is a 1990 shot. Sad to see the area that was Jungle Island barren.

TokyoMagic! said...

That was Henry's Auto Livery and yes, the structure is no longer there. It did remain for quite a while after the attraction closed.

I was going to post this shot as a follow up to my other Knott's aerial-view postcard, but I have been dragging my feet. I'm glad you posted it!

outsidetheberm said...

One of my favorite aerial cards of Knott's. You might remember that the Old Mill Stream Trout Fishing Pond was just to the left of the buildings in your close up.

Nice post.

Dad.. said...

SO Cool. Awesome shots!!

Jim said...

That is Henry's Livery. I used to work there.
Closed in the early 80's. Don't know when they finally tore it down.