Sunday, April 25, 2010

Knott's 60th Anniversary

Today's post is from a 20 page insert that was printed in the Los Angeles Times on July 27, 1980. Knott's was celebrating their 60th Anniversary that year which means that this year can be considered the 90th!
The cover shows the Stage Coach on it's trail lined with eucalyptus trees. I sure do miss those trees. The Corkscrew looks a bit out of scale in this photo. Is that the Roaring 20's back there or the Land of the Giants?
Here is a happy birthday from the mouse himself. Love the literary reference!

Just a couple of images for today, I will be posting more from this issue in the near future. There is plenty of good stuff inside including an article on Bud Hurlbut, a behind the scenes article on the performers of Ghost Town, and the announcement of the coming new attraction "Wacky Soapbox Racers"..

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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Then & Now (Part 2)

Today's post features more Then & Now postcard comparisons.

First off is the Old Mill Stream seen here with running water from the early days of the farm.

And here is the same scene today. Hard to believe that this scene is only a generation away from being a century old. I wonder if it will make it to that milepost.

Here is an early postcard showing the Adobe Walls on Market Street

And here are those same Adobe Walls today

The wonderful Dreger Clock in it's old home in Cordelia's rose garden.

This same area today, sans clock. Fortunately the clock was rescued and can be seen once more just up Beach street from Knott's at the "Plaza Buena"

Gold Trails Hotel from the 1940's.

Gold Trails Hotel today. This completely rebulit building used to house the Covered Wagon Show diorama. After it's rebuild it became a dress shop. I say bring back the Covered Wagon Show and put the dresses in the general store.

Goldie's joint as seen from the Blacksmith's shop in the 1950's.

My attempt to get the same angle a couple of weeks ago. I believe that the shot above was taken from inside the Blacksmith's Shop through a doorway that is now closed.
"Gold Dust Goldie's Hotel" postcard from the 40's

Goldie's as she looks today. This building is a classic, who doesn't have memories of that leg kicking out the window as you went back to see Sad Eyed Joe. Now that I am older and understand what kind of a "Place" Goldie is runnin' I appreciate it even more.

The Gold Mine at the entrance to Ghost Town from the late 40's-ealry 50's

The same area today, pretty much unrecognizable excpet for the entrance to the Steak House.
Well that's gonna do it for today. I look forward to seeing everyone at the Farm tomorrow for Chris Merritt's Knott's Preserved event. Take care and Thanks for Readin'