Monday, November 17, 2008

“Assay Office” Peek-In

This somewhat less popular neighbor to the east of Hop Wing Lee’s Laundry still exists in what looks to be original form. It is weathered but authentic. In the foreground is Deadwood Dicks Grave also a Ghost Town original. There was once an active gold mine just across the way from this Assay Office. It has gone dry and been sealed up and now they are pulling gold out of the stream over behind boothill. This little office probably doesn’t see near the business it used to but you can still see it if you make a trip out to the farm.

“The assay office was an important and necessary part of every early-day mining camp. Here the ore was sampled and assayed, and fortunes were made or lost on the results of these assays. You understand of course that the assayer determines the amount of gold in a single representative ounce of the sample brought him and then gives the miner and assayer’s certificate which shows him how much gold per ton would be in the same kind of rock. From this the miner determines whether the mine would be profitable to work or not.”

- Pg. 13 - Ghost Town History & Reference – has a great Knott’s before and after feature today, and more to come judging from the “Part 1” in the title.

"Inside the Assay office a prospector waits while his ore is Assayed."

"A close-up of the Assayer's equipmet"

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