Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!


Here is a shot from a 1970's era Souvenir Guide of the "Family Dinner" display that I believe used to be in the building pictured below which is behind the Miner's Bank and the Candy Store on School Road. There is a dentist display in this building now.

Have a happy holiday, Thanks for Readin'

2 comments: said...

That guy in the top photo with the big funky beard looks like he is sneeking a peak at the beautiful lady next to him. I think he is nervous around the women-folk!

TokyoMagic! said...

You are absolutely correct, the
"Family Dinner" display was housed in that building for years. Some of those figures even moved a little...but not much. I was disappointed to see that the display had been removed. I think the dentist display that replaced it was taken from Doc Walker's cabin which used to sit next door to the Original Berry Stand and across from the Church of Reflections (before that it sat across from the Bird Cage Theater where the BBQ is today). Guests used to be able to walk all the way around the cabin and peek in the windows. Most of it was supposed to be the family's residence, but one room was set up as a dentist's office with a separate entrance. I wonder if that cabin could be sitting backstage somewhere or if it was scrapped?