Monday, November 10, 2008

Main St. Windmill...........Missing!


A quick post to address the fact that the windmill is missing at the end of Main Street. I am prety sure it was still there the last time I visited the park on Oct. 19th. It was most certainly gone (at least the top of it was) when I visited yesterday 11/09. Perhaps this is the next piece of ghost town to be refurbished.

"This old windmill was brought to Riverside from England by an English syndicate that laid out and subdivided Riverside in the 1860's. When we started Ghost Town we bought the old windmill and put it at the end of Main St., which at that time we thought was as far as the town was going."

-Ghost Town History and Reference-

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ockid said...

I believe they usually take the windmill down for Haunt -- there was a big gargoyle sort of thing on top when I was there two weeks ago.

The whole thing was rebuilt a couple years back, and I have no idea how much is original any more.