Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Glass Blower - Then and Now

A quick Then and Now post on the Glass Blower's shop.

The Glass Blower’s shop from the mid 50’s I believe.

The same building today is now an extension of the general store. As you can see it is still easily identifiable with the only real change being the signage that now adorns the façade.

Here is a shot of the current location of the glass blower in the old “Grist Mill”.
I will feature a Then and Now of the former Grist Mill and new home of the Glass Blower in my next post.
Take care for now, Thanks for readin'


outsidetheberm said...

Nice job on the Then & Now shot. The real shame is the major alteration they made to the 'burned out' second floor next door.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Awesome Then & Now!!! I totally missed this on my last trip. Its kind of disorienting walking thru the current Ghost Town when you read so much "old" stuff and maps, I'm going back in January/February to revisit all the spots I missed! Thanks and have a great Holiday!

rammad27 said...

Do you know if the Glass Blower would do requests?

Anonymous said...

Yes they do customs and i was ganna ask if anyone know the number to their manufacturer?!?