Thursday, October 30, 2008

Miner’s Bank

Today’s post features the “Miner’s Bank” on School Road next to the Boothill graveyard. This building still exists on the farm although the interior has been reworked and it now doubles as a gift shop and the entrance to the newer much smaller “Panning for Gold” attraction. Although some of the details on the second floor and all of the attached structures have been removed the core of this building remains intact.

“The Miner’s Bank is a replica of man an early day bank. This was a bank downstairs, and the E. Clampus Vitas Lodge hall was upstairs. We thought the old building with the burned-out lodge hall was so typical of the ruins in so many ghost towns that when we built the bank we built the burned-out lodge hall above it”
-Ghost Town History and Reference-

Information on the The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus can be found here.

The Miner's Bank circa 1950's

The Miner's Bank April 2008.

Behind the Bank 2008

E Clampus Vitus Sign

I'll feature the Bank's interior in a future post. Take care for now!

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dregerClock said...

are those tacky wood-plank and metal pipes running up the walls in the 2008 photos for structural support of the old building, or was that some brilliant plumbers idea of a great way to install pipes?

ockid said...

The Miner's Bank opened early in 1954. I took a look at it the other day, and the new wood seems to be covering some pipes.

Sad to report that I also noticed there is a new jail in Ghost Town. Must have been done just in the last few months.

BuckMeadowsDave said...

Wow,this sight brings backs memories.Back in the early 70's,my Uncle's second job (he was a high school teacher full time) was being a gunfighter/stuntman at Knott's.He's been "shot" off that balcony many times.

Chris Merritt said...

A new Jail? Say it ain't so.... Another piece of Ghost Town gone...