Monday, October 27, 2008

The water is back on at Boothill

I was away from the computer for a week so here is a quick post to make up for lost time. Not sure when it happened but the water in the ravine behind boothill has finally been turned back on. Yay! Now if only they would put the mountain range back in and plant a couple of trees.

These pictures were taken last Sunday October 19th, 2008

This guy had been panning a dry riverbed for quite some time.
Good to see the old water wheel turning again.

A short one for today but I will be posting again soon!

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dregerClock said...

Wow! That is nice to see something from the "old Knott's" brought back to operation again!

Thanks for letting us all know the water is flowing again.

dregerClock said...

FYI... Here are some other blogs that show the "new" old miner in the creek...



Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update. Now they just need to take that damn rollercoaster out of the middle of Boot Hill and we'll be (mostly) back in business.