Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I miss the Volcano

Today's post features the Volcano that used to be on the backside of the Gold Mine neslted in the back of the Marketplace. This was one of my favorite things to see at Knott's and it was on the free side of the fence so I was able to see it quite regularly. This is also one of my favorite postcards in my collection. The only thing missing in this picture is the little devil winding his crank that ultimatley lead to the volcanic eruption. He is just off to the right of this view. Unfortunately I do not have a picture of him but you can see him at this link from the OC Archives collection on Flikr. http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3658/3402984782_77d7c79657.jpg

Here is the Volcano in it's original location next to the dining room of the Chicken Dinner restaraunt. The Volcano was originally conceived to cover an unsightly stand pipe from the farm's irrigation system.

Here is an enhanced color post card showing the volcano in it's second and final location behind the Gold Mine. The background has been cropped and replaced with a solid dark blue which I assume is meant to resemble a night sky. I always got a kick out of the look on that cowboy's face. He seemed just as perplexed as I was as to what a Volcano was doing there in the middle of the old west.

And finally here is a picture of the volcano from an old farm guide book that shows the volcano from a different angle. I am not sure if this is in the first or second location. I kind of think that this might be the backside of the volcano before the wall of the gold mine was built behind it. I don't know for sure and would love to hear from anyone that does.
Sadly the volcano is one of the many casualties of progress at the farm. It was removed along with the Gold Mine in the mid 90's to make room for the construction of the Ghost Rider.
Now that the Ghost rider has been built the area that used to be home to the volcano is a big empty concrete circle. I wish they would have put this back after completing the queue for the Ghost Rider. This was a classic Knott's attraction and I miss it very much.
Well that's all for today. Take care and Thanks for readin'


Chris Merritt said...

I miss it too - I think a lot of us do...

outsidetheberm said...

Sad it's gone. If you have the stomach, I can try to find a few shots of the area being cleared by bulldozers.

Let's Talk Knott's said...

OTB, Although sad I would be interested in seeing those pictures. you can e-mail me at letstalkknotts@charter.net

TokyoMagic! said...

I miss the Volcano! I remember being fascinated by the little mechanical devil as a kid. Then as a teen, I worked right across from it at the Cable Car Kitchen. I wish I had taken some pictures!

William S. said...

FANTASTIC! I've been searching for years for a photo of the little devil! Thank you.