Sunday, January 24, 2010

Prospector's Day

Today is the 162nd anniversary of the discovery of Gold at Sutter's Mill in Coloma, California. In honor of this historic event I am posting this fold over post card with artwork by Paul Von Klieben that was once sold at the Gold Mine in Ghost Town (Above). The artwork is dated 1948 and the card celebrates the Centennial of the Discovery of Gold in1949.

The discovery of gold signifies the beginning of California’s most momentous epoch. It took place at Sutter’s Mill on the American River, January 24th, 1848, but no news of it reached San Francisco until February 1848. Then followed a furore such as the world has never seen. Hearts in the remotest corners of the earth beat with excitement. James W. Marshall, while erecting a sawmill for John A. Sutter, had found the first piece of yellow metal in the millrace at Coloma, 50 miles east of Sacramento. Thousands came to find sudden riches, carrying no more than pick and shovel, exchanging their rifle for a gold pan. The tales told by these treasure hunters are as stories from Never-Never Land. Every man could make a hundred dollars a day; the lucky ones from fifty to a thousand. In less than a year California’s population doubled. With pan and sluice box alone many millions of dollars had been taken from the Placers. Still the people poured into “God’s Country”. Thus the present Highway 49, named after the 49’ers became crowded with mining towns along the rivers and valleys called the Mother Lode. It stretches from Mariposa to Placerville. Tell your friends to these fascinating towns and help celebrate the days of old.

And for good measure here is the back of the postcard which shows that it only cost 3 pennies to send back in '49.
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Well Happy Prospector's Day to all!
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Chris Merritt said...

Very cool! I've never seen that one before - and I thought I had seen all the PvK postcards...

Let's Talk Knott's said...

Thanks Chris! Nice to know that I have a rare one in my collection.